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Last week I asked “why your son is playing football”.  I also stated what we are here for, and for some that may have been construed to mean that we don't help players get recruited.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, we do more now than ever before to help those individuals who want to play at the next level. 

Despite having college coaches tell me daily/weekly that they get everything they need from us, despite college coaches stating regularly that they don't miss on guys at big schools, there are those who believe otherwise.  Urban Meyer, while at Ohio State, was quoted as saying, "If you want to be recruited to play in college then be the best player at your high school.  That is the single most important thing." 

Each year, I compile a list of our best varsity players and share that list with hundreds of schools from Division 1 to Division 3 and NAIA.  I also add any players who tell me they want to play in college.  Coach Germinaro, Coach Hanshaw, myself, and other staff members have made hundreds of contacts on behalf of our players.  Two years ago, we put on the most successful spring showcase with over 60 colleges on our campus resulting in numerous offers for a multitude of players.  We will again be hosting a spring showcase for colleges.  In addition, since Division 1 schools cannot be here this season, we will be filming our prospects on that day and sharing them with the D1 schools. Coach Germinaro and Coach Hanshaw have worked with the Head Coach of Lake Forest College to offer a College Camp on our own campus to increase exposure for our players who choose to participate and be coached directly by D2, D3 and NAIA Coaches. It is very important for your son to talk to us about the recruiting process so that we are aware of their interest in playing, and so that we can offer support and advice.  

Please understand that we care greatly about getting our athletes recruited, and we will continue to work our process that we know is helpful to our players.

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