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Friday was tough to say the least.  We had points taken off the board due to penalties and numerous other mistakes that impacted the game.  There were some bright spots:  no turnovers, solid special teams play, especially kickoff and punt, and a couple of 2 point conversions.  There was no question of effort, we simply made mistakes that we couldn't recover from.  We will look to correct those mistakes as we prepare for Highland.


As you are all aware, our district Covid protocols state that if there is a close contact with a Covid positive person then that student must quarantine--this includes athletics.  The exception to this is those who are vaccinated AND if the covid positive person AND the person exposed are masked.  WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE A HEALTHY ATHLETE DUE TO AN EXPOSURE, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS PREVENTABLE.  That is why, effective immediately, I am asking that ALL players wear masks in meetings held indoors.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS SOLELY TO KEEP ALL OF OUR HEALTHY PLAYERS FROM LOSING GAMES.  I am hoping I will get everyone's support on this.  If you have an issue with this and you would like to discuss it, please email me and we can set up a time to meet.  I realize that this is a sensitive issue, but I hope we all can get on board with keeping our players in school and playing.



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